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This is an updated list of seed and plant companies, mostly in the US. The list is updated in January 2017.

I have purchased seeds and plants from some of the seed and plant companies in the list and I am reasonably happy with most of them. Over time I’m going to fill in more information about the different seed companies. I can not vouch for all these sites, but to me, it appears that these dealers all together show an awesome wide range of seed varieties.

TIP: You may want to check a number of seeds you get per package. Prices vary greatly from site to site for the same type of seed. So does the handling and shipping prices.

Very wide range, but surprisingly costly compared to other seed companies. Decent quality on the seeds. Their site appears to have extra offers like $ 10 off and free shipping regularly in spring

Mostly Asian vegetable seeds. Lots of interesting seeds.

Asian vegetable seeds

Here you can buy seeds in different amounts

Fast and efficient service, seeds came after three days. The peppers were sprouting after 6-7 days. Looking good! Gave loads of peppers.

Renee’s Garden have a wide amount of seeds to choose from both in vegetables and in flowers. I especially like their salad mixes.

Irish seed company that also deliver her in the USA. Seeds came six days after ordering, and the have the most detailed and thorough manuals specialised for each seed type I have ever seen!

Seeds came three days after ordering online, not impressively many seeds in the packets. There were two packets of seeds in backorder without any estimated delivery time on the order list. But one of the few seed companies that can offer annuals packed with mono colours rather than packages with mixed colours.

The US site can not compare at all in the very wide selection the British T & M sister site has.

If you want to grow your own tobacco, look now further. I almost wish I was a smoker.

Exceptionally wide range of rare seeds, but can be pricey to send from the UK to the US

Etsy is a marketplace for individual sellers. Lots of strange and fun seeds, though the plants do not always appear as on the pictures.


Where to buy seeds?


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