Zinnia comparing seedprices_
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I am browsing the internet for seeds and plants to buy at the moment. I have made a list over seed companies here, and there are a lot of companies to choose from. Amount of seeds and prices vary surprisingly much. I have tried to compare seed prices.
Zinnia comparing seedprices_

This was Zinnia, “Queen Red Lime” from Burpee. Pricey seeds, but the result was very satisfying.

Zinnia is a very good annual for the southern states. Heat and pretty drought tolerant (when established), loads of colours and varieties to choose from, and the flowers are loved by butterflies, bees and bumblebees.

Remember this if you are going to buy some Zinnia seeds: Be aware the height of the plants varies from approx. 6 inch to three feet, the tallest needs support. Look for mildew resistant kinds, or not, and just take them away and sow some new if it gets too much. Usually, it seems that the heat withers the zinnias down anyway, and mine self seeded around the withered ones. So I tore away the dead ones and just rearranged the seed plants a tad. But that will vary with what kind of Zinnia you choose. They are lovely cut flowers and will keep fine indoors in almost a week depending on temperature.

I tried to compare prices and amount of Zinnia seeds, and I chose the variety “Zinnia Persian Carpet” just because I have to go for one type. It was a tad complicated, because of differences in tradenames of Zinnias and how some companies specify weight, not the number of seeds, or they only specify how many seeds there are in one ounce.

Name of Company Web address Amount of Zinnia varieties Amount of seeds Price pr amount, Dollar  
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Rareseeds 29 100 seeds 2,5 Zinnia “Persian Carpet”
Select Seeds 23 152 seeds 2,92 This is Zinnia “Jazzy Mix” specified in text as similar to the “Persian Carpet” variety.
Swallowtail Garden Seeds 115 Does not have the “P. C.”Zinnia and I didn’t find any with the precisely same height and colour.
Johnnys Selected seeds 40 50 seeds 3,95 This is Zinnia “Jazzy Mix”specified in text as similar to the “Persian Carpet” variety.
Territorial Seed Company 22 Does not have the “P. C.”Zinnia and I didn’t find any with the precisely same height and colour.
Park Seed 79 50 seeds 1,95 Zinnia “Persian Carpet”
Pinetree Garden Seed 32 50 seeds 1,25 Zinnia “Persian Carpet”
Burpee 33 50 seeds 3,95 Zinnia “Jazzy mix”

This is an informal comparison, and prices and amounts can change without my knowing. I have not included shipment and tax.

Zinnia comparing seedprices_

The last Zinnia in December. A self-seeded one in the vegetable garden.

Zinnia comparing seedprices_

Self Seeded Zinnia relocated between ornamental grasses and Foxtail Ferns.


  • Jannicke
    February 8, 2016 at 12:18

    Lovely Zinnias. I’ve bought loads of seeds this year. Such a great research you’ve done. It’s really worth the time, when you see the great price differences. I mostly buy seeds from Sweden and I check out prices every year before I order. Good luck with your cultivation:)

    • publicpollen
      February 9, 2016 at 18:40

      Thanks! I feel better when I check the price differences on seeds around on the internet. Hate to throw money out the window, I rather buy more seeds for the money I saved. :-)

      Texas must be the ultimate place for Zinnia I reckon. My parents who lives in north of Norway and stay with us for some weeks every Autumn are very envious. Though, they have lots of cloudberries they send me pictures of. And strawberries, real blueberries and wild raspberries. You know..

  • Jannicke
    February 12, 2016 at 14:18

    Hei igjen.

    Tusen takk for tips om Rose cottage plant. Livsfarlig!! For et utvalg av Dahlia!! Tror jeg må forby meg selv å besøke den siden igjen frem til neste år:) Skjønner godt at du savner Georginene dine borte i Texas. Det er nok andre ting du kan glede deg over i hagen der borte, som vi ikke kan her hjemme på berget. Mager trøst kanskje…..
    God helg!


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