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I’ve made a list of the seed companies I found after spending hours to find new seed companies that I felt I could trust.

I have recently moved from Europe to the United States and had to find good seed retailers in my new temporary homeland.

Some of the differences in seed dealers in Europe and the USA is that there are far more specialized small seed businesses here. I fell for a smaller seed company named No doubt what it was specialized in. And since I’m a novice at chilli and jalapeno cultivation I really loved all the info that I found there.

I ordered a package of three types of jalapeno pepper by Pepper Joe’s recommendation. Three days afterwards the seeds arrived along with two packages with free seeds and a thorough manual on how the seeds were sown and cared further. Truly an exciting contribution to the “Seed Companies’ Hall of Fame”.

LIST OF SEED COMPANIES Seeds came three days after ordering online, not impressively many seeds in the packets. There were two packets of seeds in backorder without any estimated delivery time on the order list. But one of the few seed companies that can offer annuals packed with mono colours rather than packages with mixed colours. Irish seed company that also delivers her in the USA. Seeds came six days after ordering, and they have the most detailed and thorough manuals specialised for each seed type I have ever seen! Fast and efficient service, seeds came after three days. The peppers are sprouting now after 6-7 days. Looking good! shows loads of sites and also offer a kind of rating of the seed/bulb/plant/garden companies.

Edit: 2.6.15, two more seed companies added

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