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It’s a challenge to create an exciting mixed container planting with flowers that can withstand the large temperature fluctuations as it is here in Texas at this time of year. You can wear a bikini at noon, but the grass can still be frost in the grass the next morning.

And yes I am running in and out morning and night, covering up or uncovering the tropical palms bought in a moment of weakness and in the excitement of living somewhere you can actually grow tropicals. Not just keeping them alive.

But the plants in this container does not need to worry me a second. Its Variegated Giant Liriope (Liriope gigantea “Variagata”), Asparagus Fern (Asparagus densiflorus “sprengeri”) and a pot of Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger).

I went for a monochrome look where I would emphasize texture as the main theme. But there is nothing wrong with using white, red, “black” or pink Christmas roses either.

All the three types of plants are pretty easy to find in stores here at this time of year.

Helleborus container winter1_

The Christmas rose gives a nearly waxy impression. So does the Asparagus Fern.

Helleborus container winter2_

Both the Liriope, the Asparagus and the Helleborus love to live in the more shady places in the garden. Only partly sun.

Helleborus container winter4_

Focusing on a few colours emphasis the nuances. As the almost blue shadows from this angle.

Helleborus container winter3_

The Christmas rose is a beautiful and special flowering perennial.

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